Friday, 25 July 2008


Spumacus likes to vomit a lot, it can vomit up to 23 times it's own body weight in one go.

It's favorite hobby is Jazz dancing.

Happy animal friday!

fact: there are only a few places on earth that pigeons don't live. the driest bits of the sahara desert, antartica and the high arctic and hawaii.

proof, if ever any was needed, that pigeons don't like to surf.

i've heard it's because they're not very good at it.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

still not animal friday, but getting in early...


remember to add an animal friday label to your posts kids.

not animal friday. better late than never...

i seem to have missed the party. 

sorry about that. 

here's a catch up. animal friday animal, plus animal friday fact.

you guys have posted some great stuff, but you're all missing out the facts! we need facts about your animals dammit!

Friday, 18 July 2008

erm....It has many teets!

Amazing facts about The Fazzwagger.

  • The Fazzwaggers actual scientific name is Nippilous-Fangus.
  • It is only 4 inches in length but has 42 Nipples that it uses to traverse it's self across your bedroom floor.
  • The Nippilous-Fangus habitat is raw anus, so keep those butt plugs in at night!
  • The Fazzwagger mainly likes to feed on the lower colon but also feeds on the common wood louse.
  • It's jaws have the strength of 10 bears!
  • It can secrete an acidic milky substance out of all 42 nipples with a projectile distance of at least 10 meters.
  • The Fazzwager hates potatoes.



Wednesday, 16 July 2008

stop gap future boggle from the past paradox

as my rabboot friend says, neither he nor me shall be here on friday.
think on this as a bridge, lamenting the end the beginning of the end, and pre-guessing the start of animal magic, like a doodle vortex. das ist krankenwagon ich lieber dich.


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